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We launched Stoneworks Training Group to solve the problems we encountered as stone fabrication professionals. Involved in many facets of the stone industry, we often wished for more training and support resources for the software we rely on daily. In some cases, we ended up producing instructional materials for our own benefit. We enjoy learning new technology—but not when we are under the pressure of deadlines and the need to complete projects right the first time.

We created Stoneworks Training Group to share our expertise, so you can skip the frustrations of the learning curves and focus on advancing your business.



With over 50 years combined experience, we know firsthand the benefits—and frustrations—of learning the latest equipment, software, and technology. Along with the right software, you need the right knowledge and support to be successful. We are here to support you and share our knowledge, so you can get on the path to success faster.

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Committed to Your Success

We don’t just train. We use the technology. We share your commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to offering the training solutions you need to excel in the stone products industry.


Meet the Team

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General Manager

Jerry Kidd

I am an experienced manager and bring expert-level knowledge in countertop fabrication processes and machine/software calibrations. Along with my business partners, I provide consulting, customized virtual or on-site training, online courses, remote support, and other services to help optimize your business. I am passionate about providing the training, support, and guidance you need to excel in your business. I look forward to learning about your business and training needs.


Experience & Expertise

  • Over 30 years experience in CNC machining

  • CNC technical support, consultation, and training in the stone industry since 2000

  • Expert in countertop fabrication, machine/software setup, and other key skill sets

  • Knowledgeable in 3D fabrication



Customer Support & Training Specialist

Antonio Abarca

As an experienced programmer and operator, I offer expert support and training for countertop milling applications and 5 axis/mitered edge sawing applications. I am fluent in English and Spanish.

Como programador y operador con experiencia, ofrezco asistencia y capacitación de expertos para aplicaciones de fresado de mostrador y aplicaciones de corte de 5 ejes / corte de ingletes. Soy fluido en inglés y español.


Experience & Expertise

  • Over 15 years of experience as a stone fabricator

  • Over 10 years of experience as CNC operator and programmer with EasySTONE and EasySTONE NC

  • Expert in countertop fabrication and sawing

  • Knowledgeable in 3D fabrication



In addition to our primary training representatives, our additional support staff rounds out the experience and expertise that makes Stoneworks Training Group your key to success as a professional user of EasySTONE and EasySTONE NC.