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Welcome to the University of EasySTONE

Training resources for EasySTONE and EasySTONE-NC users

EasySTONE Training, Simplified

The University of EasySTONE is an educational resource for users of EasySTONE and EasySTONE NC. Each self-paced course contains video, documentation, and an opportunity for instructor-led training.

To ensure your success, we at Stoneworks Training Group LLC wish to offer you our commitment to provide simple and easy access to quality education and training resources. The University of EasySTONE is just now being built, and we ask for your patience as we put together the courses and training material. STG is committed to providing you the best possible education, which means an ongoing dedication to perfecting our craft. EasySTONE software is always growing and being perfected as the ultimate software for the stone working industry, and this means that the courses that we present will be constantly evolving as well. 

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University of EasySTONE

From basic tasks to advanced techniques, our courses will teach you how to capitalize on the amazing capabilities of EasySTONE. Whatever your proficiency level, EasySTONE University teaches the skills you need on topics like project design and setup, countertop stonework, dimensional stonework, sculpting, and engraving. Click here to see our current and upcoming course list.


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EasySTONE NC is the software to drive your CNC saw. It works with many equipment manufacturers and can be a single source solution to standardize your shop. Our courses teach you how to set up and manage a blade library, perform simple and complex cutting routines, and create linear profiles or moldings.

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