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New EasySTONE Training Solutions

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As veteran CAD / CAM professionals, we have witnessed several times how the right software can radically change the way we do business in the stone industry. With each big change, we have always found one piece of the puzzle to be missing: the right training. Now, with the official launch of Stoneworks Training Group, we are excited to provide training solutions for the industry’s leading CAD / CAM software: EasySTONE and EasySTONE NC.

Training & Support

We offer a broad range of training and support options for busy stone fabricators:

  • Remote & on-site training

  • Remote support

  • Consulting

  • E-Courses: University of EasySTONE (coming soon; sign up for updates)

The University of EasySTONE is the cornerstone of our training solutions. Our online courses let you advance your skills at your own pace. As standalone courses or used in combination with our personalized support, the University of EasySTONE is the best way to learn the stone industry’s best software.

DDX Group

We work in cooperation with DDX Group (the maker of EasySTONE and EasySTONE NC) to provide the training and support you need, right where you need it—on the shop floor or on your computer monitor. As experienced stone fabricators, we work in ways that are convenient for shop managers and equipment operators.


The Most Advanced Functionality

EasySTONE is the stone industry’s most advanced CAD / CAM software. EasySTONE NC is a customizable interface for different types of CNC equipment. EasySTONE & EasySTONE NC let you do more, faster.

One Streamlined Solution

In a typical stone fabricating facility, the employees use CNC machinery made by multiple manufacturers, each involving different CAD / CAM software. Each employee becomes a “jack of all trades, master of none.” But with EasySTONE, you can run all your CNC equipment with one software package. This single-source convenience can dramatically streamline your workflow and reduce learning curves for new employees.

Your Single Source

We are proud to be your single source for education, support, and sales of EasySTONE & EasySTONE NC. Contact us today to learn how the right CAD / CAM software plus the right training can maximize your productivity and profitability.

Jerry Kidd